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How to create a workflow in SharePoint

  1. To create a cloudplan workflow from SharePoint you need the free “Cloudplan Workflows for SharePoint” add-in from the Microsoft Appsource Store.

2. Follow the instructions in SharePoint and install the add-in

Creation of a workflow from SharePoint

  1. Open the context menu for a file in SharePoint and select “Create cloudplan workflow”.


2. Check the selection and click “Proceed”.

3. The workflow editor opens. Please fill in the following content:

  • Workflow name
  • Message to the recipients
  • Destination folder for saving the finished workflow
  • If necessary, add further documents. You can also reload files directly from Sharepoint using the file selector
  • Select the participants in the workflow

4. Add the fields to be edited to the workflow using “drag & drop”

5. Start the workflow

6. You can get an overview of all workflows in the Cockpit

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