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Firewall Rules

Used Ports


443 TCP: Management Server and Relay-Service

34.781 – 35.999 TCP: Direct connection between nodes

UDP no port restriction: If UDP is not activated, only TCP traffic to target devices with public IP or port forwarding is possible. In addition, target devices can be reached via the cloudplan relay service.


No configuration necesseary

Transport type

TCP: Fastest connection type and very robust, given priority over UDP or Relay. However, TCP is not possible for connections where the destination address is not reachable on the internal or public network.

UDP: Slightly slower than TCP. Used when TCP is not possible. Has priority over relay service.

Relay: Slower than UDP and TCP because the traffic is routed through a server. Is used if, for example, a direct TCP or UDP connection is not possible due to firewall settings.

Optional port forward

You can optionally set up a port forward to the “Default listening port” 35001 of your server. With this configuration TCP connections can also be established over the Internet.


Whitelisting for

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