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Windows 7, 10, 2012, 2016, 2019 server installation

1. Please download the app from

2. Double-click on the file to start the installation

3. Follow the instructions in the installation

4. The GUI app starts automatically.

5. Use “advanced settings” if you want to configure a proxy server.

6. Optional: Advanced settings: Enter the IP address or URL and port of the proxy server. Optional: Username and password for a proxy server with authentication.

Another option: Apply the proxy settings of the system. Please enter username and password also in this configuration.

7. If you have already registered in advance, you can enter your e-mail address and password directly.

8. Registration: If you have not registered yet please use the registration option. If you are part of an organization, such as a company, your administrator must create a user account for you.

9. In the next step you can choose the path for the cloudplan data folder or you can use the default path.

10. Optional: Restore: Here you can select a previous installation to be restored that has been de-installed.

11. Decide if you want to install a client e.g. a desktop or a server (later changeable at any time).

12 Server:

Priority: For a server, you can choose the priority with relation to other servers. Data is always retrieved from the server with the highest priority, and if there are several servers with the same priority the closest node is chosen. If there are multiple servers in the same place with the same priority as e.g. in the case of redundant clusters, a target server is selected randomly (priorities can be changed later at any time).

Versioning: A server can save the previous version in case of changes or deletions, so that this version will be available later. for a restore after a ransomware attack (always changeable later) ..

13. Client: Go to the next step.

14. If desired, change the suggested name for the node to be installed.

15. Select a license: “Basic” and “Business Licenses” are used for an end-user device and “Enterprise” licenses for a storage device such as a server. Trial licenses have the full functionality but are limited to a term of 14 days. Licenses can be changed at any time later in the portal under

16. If necessary, change the address (all settings can also be changed later in the portal).

17. The installation is now finalized.

18. After successful installation, the local GUI and the cloudplan folder will be opened. You can now create your own folders in this folder.

19. Use this guide for more steps:

Video showing, among other things, the installation:

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