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Recover previous app configuration after de-installing

If the cloudplan app has been removed or destroyed for any reason, you can restore the app configuration if the cloudplan storage path and its content has not been deleted

Complete the following steps:

If the app has been removed or uninstalled:


1. Make sure the cloudplan app has been removed from the operating system tool (add or remove a program)

2. Download the latest cloudplan app from the portal at:

3. Install the app and follow the instructions until a browser window opens and prompts you to share the storage path

4. You will find a link “Restore older configuration” below the selection window.

5. Navigate to your old cloudplan storage folder.

6. The sign below should now turn green, indicating that there is an old configuration.

7. Click “Next” to restore the app with the old configuration.

8. You are now prompted to start the app. Click on the cloudplan icon in the start menu.

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