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Hash value of a workflow document

After completion of a workflow, a mathematical “hash value” of the finished documents is created.

This is sent to the participants by e-mail and can be called up at any time in the user’s portal under “Status” of a workflow.

Hash values ​​are used to determine whether the content of a document has been changed after the workflow has been completed.

Mathematically, a defined calculation is carried out, the basis of which is the completed document and which receives the hash value as the result. Conversely, it is considered impossible to create the content of a document on the basis of a hash value. For this reason, the document cannot be tampered with without changing the hash value.

There are many freely available tools for checking the hash value yourself, such as the “7 Zip” tool , which includes the possibility to create different hash values ​​in one file.

cloudplan forms a “SHA-256” hash , that is used for such purposes and is considered safe.

Here the representation under “Status” in the Workflow Cockpit:

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