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Activation of a node

1) Please download the app from

2) Double click on the file to start the installation

3) Follow the instructions in the installation

4) After the browser is started, either use your existing user credentials or register.

5) Select the path where you want to store locally synchronized data in the future.

6) Select a name for the device or use the suggested name. You can also change it at any time.

7) Select a license. “Basic” and “Business Licenses” are used for an end-user devices and “Enterprise” licenses are used for a storage device such as a server. Trial licenses have the full functionality but are limited to a term of 14 days. Licenses can be changed at any time later in the portal under

8) After successful installation, the cloudplan folder will be opened. Here you can now create your own folders.

9) Use this guide for more steps:

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